Welcome to the Lived Experience Warm Line

Lived Experience of Suicide

I wasn’t sure where to start, so I will start by saying Giinagay which is an Aboriginal word for Gooday ~ It’s great to ‘meet’ you!

There are heaps of numbers you can phone if you are in crisis, (see below) but not much locally. This is what prompted me to create LEWL (pronounced LEW-EL). I googled LEW & EL and was pleasantly surprised to learn that LEW means luke warm and EL is a generic word for God. Luke Warm God! I should make it clear that this is NOT a religious warm line, but I know from experience, that there is always a spiritual perspective to extreme states of mind. A perspective that is sadly missing from mental health services.

My motivation comes from my own lived experience of suicide. I have seen the day when I actually planned my own suicide. I have also lost people very dear to me. Bereavement is best understood by those who have experienced grief and loss.
Please feel welcome to contact me if you have a group or would like to start a group in your local council area.
Mindfully Yours with Love & Light Always!John Shearer MM

A lived experience of suicide is having experienced suicidal thoughts, survived a suicide attempt, cared for someone through suicidal crisis, or been bereaved by suicide.

People who have experienced suicidal thoughts, been through suicidal crisis, or made an attempt on their life are best placed to understand and support others in crisis.

People bereaved through suicide, know what is and isn’t helpful when it comes to understanding and supporting others.

People who have cared for a loved one through suicidal crisis are well aware of conflicting emotions, fear, helplessness and what helped them help their loved one.

This is lived experience of suicide.